Fast Weight Loss Tips Part 2

5. Support Group

It’s going to be difficult to lose weight on your own, even if you are the only one trying to lose weight. Find a group that will motivate and help you keep on track. Join an online support group. Tell your family! Tell all your friends. If you keep your plan to yourself, it’s that much easier to cheat too many times or binge secretly in your room. By telling the people around you, you’re creating guidelines to help you reach your goal. They’ll also help you by not offering high-calorie foods or other dishes that will tempt you into overeating.

6. Mistakes Are Inevitable

If you’re human, you’re not perfect. Despite your earnest desire to lose weight and be fit, you will probably mess up here and there. You’ll go out for a night of fun with your friends, and it will be difficult in stopping your hand for reaching for those tortilla chips. Don’t freak out! One night of fun won’t kill you. The key, as always, is getting back on track! Don’t let one mistake haunt you. You don’t have to give up on your whole diet plan. Just leave your mistake as a mistake and start again the next day. The downfall of any mistake is repeating it. As long as you forget about it and get back on track, you’ll be good to go.

7. Hang Your Old Jeans On the Door

Need a reminder about your weight loss goals? Hang the jeans that don’t fit on your door or next to your mirror. Take out that favorite blouse that doesn’t button up and hang it up as well. Now, don’t just hang them there and stare at them. Try them on once in a while. We know it doesn’t fit, but trying it on will remind you how much you have left to lose. It’s a motivating gauge. A simple reminder may be all it takes to push you to eat right and exercise.

8. Keep Your Balance

Simple balancing exercises can help tone your muscles and help you lose weight. Balance workouts also develop your core muscles and can even be beneficial to your brain. You don’t need to look for an expensive class to get started. You can begin with easy, simple exercises at home. While brushing your teeth, alternate standing on one leg. Switch every 30 seconds. You can incorporate this little exercise with other daily activities. For example, while you wait for your coffee to finish boiling, while you put on your makeup, or while you dry your hair. Don’t make things into challenges when they don’t have to be!