Fast Weight Loss Tips Part 3

9. Talk and Walk

The Mayo Clinic found that heavy people sit down an average of two and half hours more than thin people every day. Don’t catch yourself sitting down when you don’t have to. Every time that phone rings, pick it up and pick yourself up! Take a little walk around the room while you talk. Clean your room while you talk. Do your laundry. Move while you talk instead of just sitting down and you’ll be burning 50 calories or more.

10. An Apple a Day… And Maybe A Pear

You may well know that fruits are a great addition to a weight loss diet plan. However apples and pears have shown clear signs of helping people lose weight. Apples and pears are filled with fiber and water, which will make you feel fuller and eat less. A study conducted with 411 overweight women found that an intake of three apples or three pears per day brought about weight loss in overweight women. Just remember not to overindulge. Don’t eat a pear when you’re full. Eat it as a snack or replace a calorie-packed dessert.

11. Toothpaste Diet

Okay, I know there are some toothpastes that taste good, but don’t start eating toothpaste yet. If you are having problems with controlling portions, (I know I do) toothpaste may be your way of doing that. If you are simply eating too much, by brushing your teeth with mint or some fresh-flavored toothpaste (not the grape kind), you will start losing some of that appetite. There are two reasons for this. 1. Your taste buds in your mouth are very sensitive. By brushing your teeth, the food most likely will not taste so good after brushing your teeth. 2. After you brush, there is something that triggers in your mind that you should not eat. It is like showering then wanting to go play in the mud, you will most likely not do that. So brush your teeth often to help control your portions.

12. Small Tub

Don’t fall for the “it’s only 15 cents more for a large tub” line offered at the movie concession stand. Most people will eat about 45% more popcorn from larger-sized containers. Most importantly, skip the butter! Adding the oily, butter flavoring to your popcorn can actually add more calories than the popcorn itself. If you absolutely cannot take just plain popcorn, bring your own seasoned salt or some Parmesan cheese. But remember to eat things in moderation. Adding your own flavoring is only helpful if you’re adding a small amount.